[Operations] Twinity update Apr 9, 2009

Dear Twinizens,

There will be a small update to Twinity today at 14:15 to 14:45 (CET) and we just wanted to let you know beforehand. Please be aware that you may become disconnected from the client during that timeframe. This update includes the following:

– Fixes the disappearance of outside environment when high texture setting is selected
– Fixes blurred view for signs when low texture setting selected
– Fixes error with “Send Feedback” from the client
– Fixes access problems for apartments (selection not saved)



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  1. Hi all,

    Concerning this: Fixes access problems for apartments (selection not saved).

    I still encounter this problem: I turn on lights from my apartment then I’m going to another place and then I come back to my apartment and the lights are turned off.

    hehe good luck ^^

  2. I read in the newsletter about a new updater. Is that means when that will be implemented then we should remove the existing client and download the new one? I’m wondering about compatibility and cache issues that’s why I’m asking.

    1. @Nimrod, That’s currently not necessary. We’re still working on that, along with other updates. If it turns out to be necessary to uninstall and the download and install a new client, we’ll communicate that to the whole community. The current updates will work through the existing patcher system.

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