[Operations] Notes on today’s update

Dear Twinizens,

The releases today brought quite a few improvements and new features. We just wanted to post a short summary:

– Fix to stability issues affecting members with large amounts of friends
– Display of Global account balance in the top toolbar
– Doorbell when exiting place (ability to see other locations in the same building)
– Ability to private chat by right clicking on a friends avatar
– In world message when guestbook updated
– Fixed TV issue, now able to watch video
– Moved “Send feedback” link in client under “Help” (easier to find)
– Fixed bug with “Send feedback” where no attachments were added (generated error previously)

We are working to release another patch early next week that will fix the following open issues as well:

– Place detailed information not shown when viewed in “Places tab”
– Reworking address search for real estate on Twinity.com
– Unable to add or remove flatmate (issue reappeared recently)
– Knock function (knock request not sent)



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