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The release last week brought some nice new features and improvements which are listed: here. Unfortunately, it also came with some instabilities like patch-problems, client-freezes, connectivity issues and problems with place access management. We hope to have fixed most of these with the hot-fix patch today.

Next week we plan to release a new version of our rendering engine. It will improve the support for Collada model uploads and add the ability to have dynamic billboards in the city. Also our new female avatar is getting close to completion. All clothes and animations had to be adapted. Currently we are working on new haircuts. The avatar will have better body proportions and its animation skeleton will produce more natural movements.

One feature we have been working on in the past weeks is voice-chat. We would be very interested to hear how voice-chat works for you. Best send us a message via in-world feedback or comment to this blog-post. Thank you.

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  1. Disaster! Not only your patch does not install but just hangs, but since you haven’t updated the web site, it’s not possible to do a clean install – the way most of us have so far overcome difficulties with patches. As of tonight I cannot get on line, and cannot do anything about it. Congratulations. Anyone for a course on alpha testing?

  2. Congrats on your job guys!!!

    I see Twinity growing and improving each week
    From what I daily see with my social media venture Koinup, I think that Avatar Customization is one of the key of virtual worlds success. Along with the avatar customization, I think the other part of the success is related to user generated contents (various kinds), that is: allow users to: create objects, create textures, import 3d models from external sources, and overall create props for the avatars (animations, poses, skins, etc…), enchourage machinima, art, photography in virtual worlds….

    I’m looking forward to see Twinity growing more and more….

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