New Patch

Hello Twinizens,
we have released a New Patch for you, it contains some changes that you’ll love!

1. Building outside is limited now:
– Not possible in starter apartments and city-apartments
– Not possible in floating places unless you buy a size upgrade:
a. King size (40.000 sqm for 150 G/month)
b. King of the world size (1.000.000 sqm for additional 250 G /month)
– All existing floating places are king size

2. Shop functionality is limited now
– Not possible in starter apartment
– Possible in all city places
– Not possible in floating places unless you buy the shop upgrade package for 200 G/month
– All existing floating places get the shop package for free

3. Membership is now deactivated
– Basic members now can do everything (buy unlimited places, open a shop, upload items, etc.)

4. Kick function was reworked
– Now flatmates, owners, tenants are allowed to kick
– Kick is only possible from right-klick menu

5. Block function was improved
– The block state is now permanent unless you un-block

Please let us know if you detect any problem with the new patch and keep enjoying Twinity!

Your Twinity Team

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