Monthly Twinity Lounge Coming Up!

Dear Twinizens,

Twinizens having fun!

Let’s meet for a little chat, dancing and fun! The monthly Twinity Lounge event will take place on Thursday, May 22! It’s a great way to deepen friendships, make new friends, get tips from the Twinity Support team, and to party and have some fun!

The Twinity Support team and some Metaversum staff are always present at these events, so you can let us know about your Twinity experience. Since we’re constantly improving Twinity, we’re very interested in your feedback. Join us next Thursday and tell us about your likes and dislikes, your suggestions for improvements and any further thoughts about Twinity that you’d like to share with us. We’d like to get to know you a little better and help you get the most out of Twinity!

Join us in the Welcome Area, Berlin, at 19:00 [CET]! The party will take approximately one hour.

How to get there: After login go to “Places” in the bar below, then to “Map Search”, where you type “Welcome Area”. Click on the “Go” button. And welcome!

See you there!

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