Metaversum Closes 4.5 Million Euro Financing Round for Twinity

Metaversum secures financing round for international expansion with new and existing investors.

Berlin/Potsdam, 7 July 2009 – Metaversum GmbH, developer of Twinity, the world’s first mirror world – a virtual world made of real people and real places – has announced the successful closure of another round of financing.

Existing investors Grazia Equity and Balderton Capital join BFB BeteiligungsFonds Brandenburg from InvestitionsBank des Landes Brandenburg, which is managed by BC Brandenburg Capital and KfW, in investing a total of 4.5 million euros in this latest round of financing. Metaversum is now best prepared for the continued development of its 3D platform and its upcoming international expansion.

Metaversum is building to-scale replicas of the world’s big cities in its 3D online world Twinity. The cities are not the only thing that is real about Twinity. The members of the 3D community also use real profiles and realistic-looking avatars – making Twinity a mirror world. Twinity and virtual Berlin are currently in public beta testing. The launch of virtual Singapore is set to follow this summer, and London is already under construction.

The mix of local and international investors is a good reflection of the company’s strategy. The realistic virtual cities are firmly anchored in the respective region, and help open it up to the world.

Jochen Hummel, CEO of Metaversum, commented, “In times such as these, a financing round like this is a great confirmation for Twinity and for our vision of building a real virtual world.”

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  2. Congratulations on the funding! 🙂

    Just one word of advice… please don’t make the same mistakes as other companies did during the Dot Com Boom when they were being given money hand over fist by venture capitalists. In other words, spend the money wisely! 😉

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