Metaversum Awarded Funding in Co-space™ program in Singapore

Metaversum, developer and operator of the 3D online world Twinity, has been awarded funding from the mutli-agency IDM R&D Programme Office hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore to develop geo-tagging and geo-located media streaming in Twinity. In another part of this project Metaversum will also development advanced virtual city building tools to facilitate the construction of virtual Singapore in Twinity. Metaversum has already begun signing up local media, content, and brand partners in preparation for next year’s launch of virtual Singapore in Twinity.

Singapore, 23 October 2008 – Metaversum today announced that it has been awarded Singapore Government funding by the IDM R&D Programme Office hosted by the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore to integrate a 3D virtual counterpart to Singapore and to develop geo-tagging and geo-located media streaming in Twinity,  Geo-tagging is an innovative framework to incorporate real-world information, with limitless potential from historical reference to current events to image and rich media embedding . Members will be able to place and access this information and share it with other members. This system will create an augmented reality layer, making the Twinity experience more informative and beneficial to Twinity members.. Following the recent premiere of virtual Berlin, Singapore will be replicated to scale in Twinity and function as a 3D platform for members to interact with local media, content, and brand partners.

Twinity’s realistic replicas of the world’s most vibrant cities in 3D, offer major cities and local businesses an ideal path for entering the 3D web. Twinity is not only an attractive platform for cities to showcase themselves to the world, it also enables business partners to reach out and communicate with the rest of the world, and market themselves as innovative movers in the global economy. Twinity members can similarly connect with friends, family, and business associates around the globe in a fully immersive and emotive environment, taking social and business networking to a whole new dimension.

Two Singapore-based partners are already on board: The Digital Movement, an emerging, not-for-profit organization seeking to build and connect opinion leaders in the digital space globally, and the Geek Terminal, the world’s first truly technology-centric business café in downtown Singapore.

Metaversum will be coordinating the venture from its recently opened offices in Singapore. The company also helps virtual world novices find their feet in the new world by recommending trusted development partners to assist businesses in realizing a 3D presence or their in-world marketing measures.

“We’re very excited about being awarded funding for launching virtual Singapore, geo-tagging and our other Co-space™ projects. We see it as recognition of the strategic importance of a real context for virtual cities for city authorities and local business alike,” commented Jeremy Snyder, Managing Director of Metaversum Asia Pte Ltd. He continued, “We look forward to helping Singapore transform itself into the virtual information and communication hub for Asia.”

Mr Michael Yap, Executive Director, IDMPO commented, “The  Co-SpaceTM (industry) Call for Proposals adds to Singapore’s drive to be a key player in the next generation Internet, where the web will become even more immersive and integrated into our daily lives. Significantly, we hope to attract more global companies to use Singapore as a test-bed for innovative media services.”

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public Beta. You can register for free Twinity membership and explore the world at

Information on Metaversum and Twinity:
Metaversum develops and operates the 3D online world Twinity. Twinity’s vision is to link the real with the virtual world by building realistic replicas of the world’s most vibrant cities in 3D. Berlin was the first city to launch with other international cities to follow soon. Twinity members can create a personal avatar, explore the virtual city, move into a 3D home, chat with friends, work, get creative, or just have fun together.

Twinity also offers businesses new ways of engaging with real people in real cities. Through virtual shops and branded presences, inworld ad campaigns, product placements, and sponsored events, Twinity lets you enter into a direct, emotional, digital dialog with your target group. Twinity is currently in public Beta. Founded in July 2006 and financed by leading venture capital firms, Metaversum has offices in Berlin, Kiev, and Singapore. More info at and

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