Metaverse ’08: Overview of virtual worlds

There was an event called Metaverse ’08 a few days ago. There was apparently an interesting session where an overview of virtual worlds was presented. You can find two write-ups about it from the Otherland Group and from Mr Topf. Twinity was mentioned as one of the mirror worlds in the 20-30 year old demographic. I always think it’s interesting when people try to classify our demographic for us, because I don’t believe there is one. As with all virtual worlds, there may be different appeal for different use cases among many different age and social groups.

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  1. That’s interesting.

    I don’t really think any virtual world can appeal to everyone. Different tv/radio stations, magazines and websites appeal to different types of people.

    Who do you think is your core demographics?

  2. @nic mitham, agreed – it’s very unlikely that any virtual world can be the right place for everyone. Core demographics are again very hard to define, and I wouldn’t really want to try, same as the target group. The key is really with whom the focus of Twinity resonates, and I don’t think that will be limited to any one demographic group. -jeremy

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