Mac users – luck with Parallels?

We’ve been working on different solutions for running Twinity on a Mac OS X operating system. We’ve heard recently that Parallels would be an option. We’ve run a few tests successfully here at Metaversum. I wanted to ask if other Twinizens have given this a try, and what experiences they had. The best results we had were with Mac folder sharing turned off. This seems to allow the 3D assets to be downloaded and rendered more smoothly from the local virtual disk. Any comments welcome below!

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  1. Running something using Parallels IS NOT running it on a Mac OS X operating system. It is running it on a Windows operating system on Mac hardware. NOT THE SAME THING!

  2. @Kenneth, Yes, I know it’s not the same thing. This is not really a solution; it’s a workaround. We have gotten a number of requests from people specifically asking about Parallels, presumably because they run it already. So we ran a test of our own, and I wanted to solicit feedback from others who might have tried this.

    But I see that I used the words “solution” and “option” in my post. Probably I shouldn’t have. 😉

    Disclaimer: I’m a Mac user myself.

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