Live broadcast: Benjamin Lebert reads from his latest novel

The Twinity community can look forward to experiencing another real Berlinian event: On this issue of zitty Reader’s Lounge, 27 year old author Benjamin Lebert (“Crazy”) reads from his latest novel “Flug der Pelikane” (‘Flight of the Pelicans’).

The zitty Readers Lounge in the Berlin-based kantine@berghain is broadcast live to the zitty editorial office at Hackescher Markt, which means that all Twinizens can take an active part in the live literary debate.

Where: zitty Redaktion
Date: Thursday, 26 February 2009
Time: 20:00 Berlin // 2pm NYC // 03:00 Singapore

English-speaking Twinizens please note: this is a German-language event, but you’re still welcome to come along and enjoy the music by Motor FM and meet up with Twinity members from all around the world!

Benjamin Lebert