Life on Line #3

No Twinity this time around, but still fun to watch for those interested in virtual worlds news. Click here to visit Life on Line episode #3.

Disclaimer: this is not a Metaversum publication, so opinions expressed in Life on Line are those of the individuals speaking and do not necessarily represent Metaversum GmbH, Metaversum Asia Pte Ltd or affiliated organizations or partners.
Update: This post was edited to remove the embedded video on March 19, 2009.
Updated disclaimer: This video from Life on Line is not produced in Twinity.

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  1. I don’t like these videos because leading the viewers to the wrong way, like how great it looks they can speak and stuff however not. That is just after effect (using Crazy Talk for example) and that is clear when you use Second Life or Entropia, since both of them are missing this feature (however Entropia had this feature until the latest graphical update some years back and there is a workaround way for it in Second Life like muzzle talk). So as a newcomer you can feel that you are tricked and I think we should avoid that.

    1. @Nimrod, Thank you for your feedback. I hear you on that. I’m going to remove the video and just provide the link for now. If there is Twinity stuff in the future, we may embed the video, but we will make clear that it’s not done in Twinity.

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