Krazy Kakashi’s diary about Twinity

Krazy Kakshi has a diary entry about Twinity.

At first glance of Twinity, I was already impressed especially with the level of character detail

As you can see though, the character customisation options are definitely more advanced and specific than the other games I mentioned, which pleased me a lot, as I can now create a much more detailed avatar of my inner personality woot :P. There are a couple of options that have intriguied me a fair bit, there’s an option to create yoru avatar’s face using a photo, which I will test in a minute and report on it. Also in the bottom middle of the screen, there isa silver toolbar with an “animations” option in it. Upon reading the user guide, I found that you can make your character perform a series of preset animations such as dancing and cheering, which is something I usually like in a game with 3D avatars in :P.

I didn’t bother with the feature that lets you put a photo of yourself as your avatar’s face because I didn’t have a photo that met their requirements, and also I realised more importantly, that this character is supposed to be a self expression of who we are on the inside, so there’s no point basing the character’s appearance around mine, as I didn’t choose how I would look on the outside when I was born, but I chose who I was on the inside when I grew up instead, and that is what is important after all for this module (I have to say though, I think I was starting to sound a little poetic just there!).

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