Krazy Kakashi on The Spirit

Krazy Kakashi has been keep a 3D avatar diary in Twinity and other virtual worlds. The latest entry, number 7, covers The Spirit in Twinity. Some excerpts:

I decided to teleport to Berlin city centre a few minutes before the party to give me time to find the cinema, until a genius idea hit me…Twinity has a feature to teleport to any of your friend’s locations, so I immediately decided to teleport to where Lars was as he was where the party was being held.

The guy in the middle 50 Globals (Nice Twinity based pun there), was the DJ and begun asking people for their music requests.

I decided to examine the billboard nearby, and discovered something pretty nifty as a result. As you can from the above screenshot, a page from the website “Youtube” has been embedded into the billboard, and seeing as there is a video on it on autoplay, it automatically provided the music for the party!

If there’s one thing Twinity does right, it’s that it does some damn impressive scenery work and such neways.

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