Indie Tuesday – Meet Super 700 at the MOTOR Club Today!

The rocketing Super 700 stop by at the virtual MOTOR Club and are to present their latest single release “S.T.T.S.M.C.” and chat with fans!

After the septet caused a fury with their self titled debut album (released 2006 at MOTOR Music), the first single “Tango” from their fresh album “Lovebites” already smelled like a break through. Now MOTOR Digital in cooperation with Twinity bring you the opportunity to enjoy the brand-new second release “Somebody Tried To Steal My Car” in the bosom of Twinity’s indie community at the Indie Tuesday.

Where: MOTOR Club
Day: Tuesday, 10 March, 2009
Time: 18:00 Berlin, 12pm NYC, 01:00 Singapore

Decide for yourself and come along to chat with Michael (bass) and Schmiddle (drums). They will be at the MOTOR Club live & in persona (virtually). Be inspired by a sound that cannot be pidgeon-holed: Super 700! Virtuous trip rock music with a message in Twinity!

The Indie Tuesday bonus: You can get special gifts in the MOTOR Club.

Super 700 @ Indie Tuesday

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