How and When to Report?

Twinity is powered by real-life, but like real life there’s a bit of bad mixed in with all the good. Online communities are composed of people from wide ranges of ages, cultures and geographic locations. We strive to create an environment where everyone can express themselves freely and enjoy themselves, but this is not possible without tolerance.

Even with tolerance, there are some cases where behavior is so universally unacceptable, that the person must be reported. This should be reserved as a last resort, because it doesn’t generally solve the underlying problem and instead just spreads it over a longer period of time. It can even aggravate a situation and make it worse than it would have been if handled another way.

Before resorting to reporting someone, consider these points:

  • Try to resolve the problem with the offending person in a mature rational way.
  • Do not try to resolve problems in the public chat. Discuss it privately – public conflicts always make a situation worse than it has to be. Also do not make comments to others in the public chat about the problem, that gives the offending person the attention they crave even if your comment is not directed at them.
  • Do not sink to their level, it causes you to be taken less seriously and could result in action against you.
  • Blocking the offending person is the most effective way to deal with them if you can’t resolve the problem peacefully. They have no reason to continue if you can’t see what they’re saying and they don’t get the reaction they crave.
  • It’s amazing how often just talking a problem out privately not only solves it, but results in a new friendship – give it a chance!

If all else fails, and the behavior is extreme enough, bear these points in mind if you do need to report someone:

  • Recognize that the behavior must be extreme to warrant a report. Twinity is an environment for adults. We expect adult behavior when dealing with problems, and have given you the block and kick from place functions to assist with this – reporting someone for minor issues is more likely to cause problems for you than them.
  • Never threaten to have someone banned, you’ll look very silly if that is not the action taken and that is not an action we take lightly.
  • The screenshot that accompanies your report must show the whole situation, not just a small portion of the chat with an out-of-context comment. Be sure your chat window is open, and drag the top up to show as much of the chat as possible. You may also send multiple screenshots if necessary for us to see the whole situation.
  • The screenshot must show the chat window, not just speech bubbles.
  • You must include information that lets us identify the exact account. Most names are used by multiple people in Twinity. If we cannot identify the exact account, we cannot take any action. The best way to identify the exact account is by including the link to that person’s profile on (click the link in their profile that says “Learn more about …” to open their website profile page).

To send a  report, right click the area and select “Report Abuse” then you see the following screen:

You can find more information about reporting suggestions, problems or people linked at Twiniversity, or here.

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