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While in the real world, people are fighting in the annual winter sale, we invite you today to take a relaxed shopping tour in Twinity. The special part of this, is that not only we offer you things, but you can sell things yourself too! First Nan will open the new Red Hip Berlin for the cool street style. Then you can buy at Sonia’s cheap flea market bargains and try to sell your old rubbish.

Date: Friday, 29 January
16:00 CET: Flea Market
17:00 CET: Red Hip Berlin Opening

Red Hip Berlin

Best Shops of 2009

Of course you are also welcome to take a look in the other Twinity shops for stylish clothing and cool items. Last year, the following shops were found appealing to our Twinizens:

For your Avatar:

For your Apartment:

Items of the Week

Red Hip Berlin is the HIP HOP hot spot in Berlin where you can find the fashion you need to look hip. Come and join us for a red hot opening of our newest shop, Red Hip Berlin, featuring Hip Hop fashions! Find out about the new shop, meet some other hip hop fans, enjoy some music and dance with us!

Hip Hop Jacket Hip Hop Baggypants Hip Hop Sneakers
Brown Leather Couch Victorian Sofa White Leather Couch
Feel truly at home in Twinity by buying your own apartment. Furnish and style your apartment to express your personality. Then invite your friends round to listen to music, surf the web, or just hang out together.
City Flat Deluxe Apartment Luxury Apartment
Millionaire Style New York Style Urban Style

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