Go Shopping in Twinity!

Shop till you drop! Forget the worldwide financial crisis and spend your Globals on a virtual shopping spree in Twinity!

Get cool clothes for your avatar in the Twinity shops. Choose from the hottest Twinity fashions at chic shops like Wundervoll, Conley’s or Drykorn. Visit the Twinity shops and proudly wear our very own Supershape brand clothing line, or select items from our awesome 80’s collection of original outerwear.

Shop at virtual retailers. You’ll discover real world retailers when you’re out sightseeing in Berlin. Enter these shops and find virtual items for your avatar. Look for the red Globals icon next to items in the shops, click to buy the items and add them to your inventory. Impress your friends with the latest Twinity trends and be the most stylish avatar in Twinity.

Check out luxury goods in Stylepark, Living Rooms and Lumas for cutting-edge furniture and art!

PS: Need Globals? Refill your wallet on your account page at www.twinity.com or earn up to 500 globals per week with an in-world job! Become a friend of Earnie Globals and visit the Twinity Job Center in-world for more information.

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