From virtual worlds to mirror worlds

From terrympatterson, over on the Purdue eTech blog:

If you have a Twinity avatar, you can navigate around the mirror city of Berlin guided by a Google mini map.  Without being overcrowded, Berlin’s center offers a few virtual Cafes where you can enjoy conversation via VOIP or text chat. You can also enjoy arts exhibitions and music entertainment.    In Twinity, commercial real estate are buildings reserved to real world owners or tenants who invest “globals”, the twinity currency, in securing their virtual real estate for commercial purposes.  As a private Twinizen, you can rent or own your own apartment in the mirror city and also bring your own 3D objects to your private space. Even though I only had a brief visit to Twinity’s Berlin, I can already see the application of this “mirror” world extending the experience for education as well as for entertainment and convergence.

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