Create in 3D – Twinity Event Competition

Dear Twinizens,

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching fast we thought we’d greet it with a competition. Competition starts today and is ending on February 10 2013. Last day in which submissions will be taken into account.
If you are Anti-Valentine’s Day, that’s ok! We have room for you!

The rules are simple!

Dress to impress and take a photo in your favorite place in 3D Twinity.
A private personal space, or one of the many awesome places we have in the 3D chat-site, you choose!
The image dimensions must be Width 1920px and Height 1080px.
It can be a portrait of yourself or of your special someone, a couple photo or a group photo.
Sounds too good? There is no such thing! ;]

We’re after the most creative image!

3D Model

3D Photography

So it can be Photoshopped or not, creativity is not only in the Photoshop skills, remember that when you set up or dress up for the snapshot! ;] It gets better!! You can have the most creative outfit or be in the most creative scene or both!!

And since it’s Valentine’s we decided to choose our winners differently. And by different we mean:

Most Creative image (this includes both scene and costume)  500 Globals
Most creative scenery 250 Globals
Most Creative outfit 250 Globals

And as you probably guessed, there is no specific theme : But if you are fond of Lover’s Month, you can make it Valentine’s Day ;]

Where to upload or send the images you’d ask , well that’s easy:
If you own a Koinup account then you can upload your image in your personal Koinup account.
If you have a Facebook account, post the image to your personal Facebook account and Twinity’s account. You can have your friends give it a Thumbs up!

After you upload the image, send us and e-mail at, with  the image as an attachment along with the link of where it is uploaded.
Add your username and make the subject of the e-mail:”Photo Competition Entry

Annnd that’s it! Start doing what you guys do best.. Create and have fun!! ;]