Closing party of THE SPIRIT contest today!

Our THE SPIRIT contest ended last weekend…and you might be the winner! We would like to show you the contributions & celebrate in the shady atmosphere of the Spirit Eventhall. Of course the contest winners will be announced; be there if you want to know first who gets a cool original THE SPIRIT action figure or a movie poster signed by author Frank Miller.

Where: THE SPIRIT Eventhall

Day: Thursday, 05 March 2009

Time: 17:00 Berlin // 11am NYC // 00:00 Friday Singapore

Our musical topic will be “Movie Themes”. If you know the tune of a certain movie theme that you would like to have on the playlist, please send a message to Jane zitty – she will be glad to fulfill your musical wishes!

Catch THE SPIRIT’s spirit – once again in Twinity!


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  1. Hello, I downloaded Twinity and tried the new postcard feature

    Its great! Just I think you should remove a bug: when you send the postcard to a website as flickr, koinup, and others it publish also your email address

    (but I don’t want my email become public)

    anyway, I love what you did with the postcard

    1. @MarcoForiero, thanks for the feedback on that – we’ll pass that along to the development team. And we’re glad you like the postcard feature 🙂

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