Twinity Downtime, Monday Morning

Hello Twinizens, We are having a downtime Monday morning (9am-10am CET) for about 45 minutes.  Please expect some improvements and cool new features after the release. After the update we will reward every Twinizen with a completely free apartment after finishing the Welcome Tutorial where you can feel at home and have a good start in Twinity. Check it out …

Featured items of the week

Go retro with 50’s style clothing and vintage furniture in the new Five’n Dime Shop. Don’t miss out the The Five’n Dime Shop Opening!

Twinity downtime on the 11th of August

Dear Twinizens, Tomorrow Wednesday – the 11th of August between 02:00 p.m and 04:00 p.m CET –  we will unfortunately experience some downtime in Twinity. Check back with us after 04:00 again when things should be back to normal. Your Twinity Team

Downtime Friday 30th July 9am

Dear Twinizens, We will have an update of Twinity tomorrow Friday 30th July around 9am. Expect a downtime of about 30 minutes:  the update will bring you a new city, so the reward for your patience will be HUGE! 🙂 Your Twinity Team

9 badges = 250 globals

Are you enjoying the brand new bagdes in Twinity? Are you about to get them all? Then you deserve a nice reward on top of your badges! Post on Twinity’s Facebook wall a picture of your profile menu with the “Achievements” tab open so we can see that you collected all the available badges and earn 250 Globals! Hurry up, …

Downtime Monday 5th July at 9am

Dear Twinizens, We’ll have a major update of Twinity tomorrow Monday 5th of July and we expect a downtime of 30 minutes  around 9am.  New features will be introduced and they are amazing, but we want to keep them as a great surprise, so we’ll post the release notes here in the blog after the update 😛 Your Twinity Team

Release notes from today’s Twinity update

Dear Twinizens, Just a few quick notes on today’s release. Here’s what you should see: Mini-map markers for the city boundaries Improvements to the postcards Ability to hide certain items from your profile on Improved water rendering Teleport notifications A feedback option from the login screen Cursor remains in the chat screen when popups appear Premium members can own …

We have just updated Twinity!

Dear Twinizens, We have just updated to a new version of Twinity! Here is an overview of the new fixes: – Giving gifts to multiple people is now improved and  you can also drag and drop gifts. – Fullscreen mode now supports various screen proportions – try it out, Twinity in fullscreen is a different experience! – Once again, you …

Twinity Downtime on Wednesday between 10-11 am CET

Dear Twinizens, We are going to have a downtime to deploy a new release of Twinity between 10am-11am CET on Wednesday, April 7th. We will be very grateful to read your first impressions of the update once we are back! Your Twinity Team