Catching up with some notes on Twinity

A few weeks ago, around Thanksgiving time, Digital Docent had a note on Twinity:

Twinity Blue Screen of Death Put to Death!: Had it the first time I ran the program, but uninstalled the it and re-installed a newer version.  It works fine now.

Among the items that caught my attention was that Twinity has mirrors!  And the mirrors reflect mirrors?  I think I finally caught my avatar primping!

Yes, mirrors can reflect mirrors. Check out one of the earliest member-created Twinity videos on YouTube to see it in action.

Also, Sered had a few comments on Twinity progress from early December, notably around Quantum of Solace in Twinity.

the Twinity environment is still improving. It finally begins to feel polished and well integrated, even though it’s still in beta: I’m no longer dreading to start Twinity up, it will no longer crash about every couple of minutes. But incidentally, something still goes wrong.. a teleport failed and I ended up in Twinity heaven!

I hope Twinity heaven is better than the other Twinity afterlife option. 😉

Happy New Year to all Twinizens!