Call for Entries: Ideas for New Virtual Items

Dear Twinizens,

As you know, an important part of the Twinity Beta is getting your feedback. From your contributions so far, we already know that you have creative ideas that help to further develop Twinity. You now have another chance to actively shape the world!
You may have experienced moments like these while in Twinity: “I wish there were curtains for my virtual apartment!” and “It would be cool if my avatar could dress up in a space suit for a costume party.”
IdeasOur developer team is looking for new virtual items to create and we are reaching out to you for your creative ideas! Here are some examples:
Home – curtains, wallpaper, plant stands, solid wall colors
Accessories – headphones, hair ornaments, jewelry, hats, glasses
Clothes and body – new t-shirt designs, hairstyles, tuxedos, sweat socks, tattoos
Items to hold – bags, backpacks, birthday gifts, umbrellas
Note: Very small items are barely visible on your screen, so keep that in mind when you submit your suggestions. Describe your ideas in detail, so we know exactly what you mean!
Please send your ideas by 05.05.08 to or comment on this blog! The most popular contributions will be implemented in Twinity.
We look forward to hearing from you and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The Twinity Team

PS: We will present some of your ideas at our upcoming in-world party on May 8th! The party begins at 19:00 (CET) in the Welcome Area, Berlin. Stay tuned to for more details.

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  1. Just got my invite to twinity, looks like it’s going to be big! Great work. In my opinion an extension of your social life into the virtual metaverse is exactly what’s missing… Something that second life hasn’t yet understood. In other words when I first get on second life, I have to start at zero where are twinity gives me the opportunity to extend my real world circle of friends in a virtual environment. I’m going to give this a try early tomorrow and see if it it lives up to my expectations.

    In the meantime, please take a read at the modu official blog:

  2. @ Oren T, please set those expectations a bit low for now – we’re still relatively early in the beta phase, so there will be a number of technical bumps still. cheers, jeremy

  3. Can we add in our own wallpaper design? I wiould like to try things out. Laura Kikauka has a show in Exeter at the moment and i think some of the apprioach might work as wallpaper. If not, where to send the design?

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