Bitfilm 08 Award Winners Party!

aaron_thumbsup_newsltr1.jpgCelebrate this year’s winning films of the Bitfilm 08 festival on Tuesday, 15 July at the Bitropolis in Twinity!

The Bitfilm Network, a digital film community, announced the winners of the Bitfilm 08 festival last week. This year’s award-winning films will be screened on Tuesday, 15 July, in the underground art city and Bitfilm virtual capital, Bitropolis, in Twinity.

When: Tuesday, 15 July
Time: 18:00 (CET), 12pm (NYC), 00:00 Wed. (Singapore)
Where: Bitropolis

Join us for an evening of progressive cinema, hang out with the Bit crowd and move to the grooves of guest DJs on the Bitfilm dancefloor.

How to get there: Click the globe icon on your toolbar in Twinity, go to Recommended Places and click Bitropolis.

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