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  1. Twinity in Stereoscopic 3D! It works perfectly well!
    Goodbye isometric 3D!
    See new snapshot and caption added at bottom of

    Because it supports fullscreen (non-windowed) DirectX mode, Twinity can be rendered out-of-the-box in S3D (stereoscopic 3D), if the user is running NVIDIA 3D Vision (Discover/anaglyph or full with shutter glasses). This snapshot is the Discover/anaglyph version (requires suitable red/cyan glasses for proper S3D depth viewing). It is also noteworthy that Twinity uses COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity – an interchange file format and standard for interactive 3-D applications) as its 3-D model and animation format, enabling 3-D content developers to easily re-use COLLADA models created in popular 3-D modelling tools such as Google SketchUp.

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