Avatar of the Day: Mamamia

Mamamia just discovered one of the most hidden secrets in Twinity, so secret that we are not really sure where exactly she took her picture of Avatar of the Day! 😛 Maybe in Freddy’s Tattoo and Fashion Shop?

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  1. LOL… I know the story behind this… Let’s just say that *mamamia* is a huge fan of fish tanks and a few folks helped her find one the other day, hehe. 😉

    I don’t think that’s at Freddy’s, though. The layout and design here looks totally different, so the mystery still remains…

    P.S. Any chance of that item becoming commercially available soon? :-O

  2. LOL…I did make it on the board afterall and YES…Im a huge fan of fish tanks and animals of all kinds. Animated like this tank is awesome!! This picture was taken at my house before I downsized to a smaller place. I hope someone does tap the market for animated pets…..and Freddy Dear…TY so much for the tank. 🙂

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