Are Mirror Worlds Mirroring the Real World? from Virtual Speak

Over on the Virtual Speak blog, there’s a post called “Are mirror worlds mirroring the real world?” by meganrutherford. The discussion of Twinity is very encouraging to hear:

However, I have been pretty impressed with Twinity which couches itself as: A 3D mirror world based on real cites and real people. The first cities developed thus far in the Twinity app. are Berlin and Singapore. Virtual Berlin for instance offers a full array of shops, galleries, cafés, bars, etc.

Look for more mirror worlds to emerge in the future. I vote for them as I would much rather visit Berlin virtually and avoid all the hassles of missed flight connections and lost luggage. Virtual Berlin here I come!

Give it a read!

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  1. Mirroring? In a way, yes they do. I would say instead they are giving a demo to you, at least right now.
    Think about that you can not see the city in winter theme with snow or get the feeling of a rainy day. Right now it is showing as in perfect state. No beggars, no smoke, no mess just perfect and bright streets. In a way yes that is cool but on the other hand those are still missing. I wonder if a mirror world can offer more anyway and maybe it is good as now but in my opinion if you like the place virtually then grab a ticket and visit the place in real as well.

  2. our approach has always been selective reflection, taking the pieces that we like, and leaving out the pieces that we don’t like. so you’re right, we leave out smoke and mess. and our goal is always to get the feel of a city, but not a perfect copy of it. we’re working on the weather, though. 🙂

  3. Get real Twinity. You guys are not a mirror world. I dont know what you guys are.. There are new virtual worlds coming up that are more focus on it that you guys. Fake Apartments , Pubs etc..

    Please dont confuse the market with talk of Mirror world.

    Near Global for one. and many others are really focusing on real places.

  4. Jeremy, I assume you are from Twinity, go goggle the internet on mirror world and find out yourself.

    you should check out the reviews your launch is having on Youtube.

    Its your own video anyway

  5. @Researcher World, are you a shill for “Near Global?” Because I’ve looked at it and I’m telling you now, as long as it doesn’t have avatars, it’s going to be a collosal failure.

    BTW, I wouldn’t take the rants of preteens on YouTube who think that Second Life “invented everything” as “reviews.”

  6. Riley,

    I am not commenting on the success or failure of a world. Honestly, even Twinity with its Avartars has been mostly a ghost town, with a population of curious people logging and and never coming back in again. Trust me, I know many.

    They come in once and never come back again. In respect Twinity has not been a success. But my point is there they are not a mirror world as they “CLAIM” look alike buildings and roads for a small section of town and fake apartments and pubs everywhere is no mirror World.

    Whats so mirror abt that? If that is a case 2nd life has tons of mirror worlds, their trees look like the real world.. that makes mirror world?

    When we evaluate , we do so with a open mind and explore everything. Empty claims tend to only cheaper the brand. the company who cliams are truly cheating themselves in this modern times. Consumers are smarter than that.

  7. Sorry for disrupting this “nice” chatting but let me share my opinion.
    I am not choosing sides but Jeremy is right as Researcher as well. Partially.
    Let me explain.
    I am here since the early days of 2008 when there was no Berlin, no real city at all. Twinity did improved since then a lot but still much to do, nothing wrong with that. As I already stated here in my first post Twinity is not really a mirror world, a bit fake world, some kind of demo. And that is somewhat OK. When someone would create the perfect mirror world with VR gadgets, then how would you know which one are you in?
    About SL… a joke. And as Jeremy stated no one is paying attention on preteens opinion when they are not the one who building SL but making that rotten. SL had it’s potential and lost it. Lively had the potential and lost as well. Twinity… up to Metaversum and us, users. Not to mention all the new metaverses around, same applies.
    About ghost… yes it is, but it is as ghost since I am here as now, so nothing changed. Mostly I just log in, looking around and that is all. No one should spend half of their life in metaversums anyway. When drama queens stays in SL and who knows where that is fine, we (at least I) won’t miss them at all. And Twinity is just as ghost as SL is, starting with their cheated online counter (we all know that half of that number is just bots and alts of other users) and the fact that Linden Lab is hiding their member statistics since about the fall last year.

  8. @Researcher World: The reason why Twinity is a ghost town has less to do with it not “catching on” conceptually and has more to do with more technical issues that continue to plague the beta. Not only has it been highly unstable and laggy, some people haven’t even been able to log in at all in spite of their best efforts. I know at least one person who stormed off twice because of the technical issues of the beta.

    I MYSELF have been trying to access the client this week, yet haven’t been able to.

    I know this response is veering away from your “point” about Twinity not being a mirror world, but I had to address the part of your reply that seemed rather flippant in why Twinity is a ghost town. It’s not a simple matter of people “people logging and and never coming back in again.” A large majority of Twinity members probably can’t even access the client or if they can, have become frustrated by its instability.

  9. Dee Riley: had this issue as well. I was out for at least a month or more due to login issues because the client crashed immediately.

  10. Ladies and Gentleman,

    I rest my case, note twinity, comments are good for you to note and improve. It would seem that you guys have tons of issues to resolve if you are to be a serious player, from perception, branding, usability and company direction.

    Wont be checking you guys out for a while, since I think you will need quite a bit of time to sort out all these issues. I am surprise that its been quite a while since you guys have launch and still maintain all these issues which I would say is BASIC FUNDAMENTALS…
    Meanwhile I look forward to the avent of more virtual / mirror worlds platforms in the coming months/years. I hope they will learn and improve on your issues.

    Dee, on your point on ghost town, thats another long discussion as to why people dont go into Twinity and stay there . I think I have already commented enough, lol. If I continue Twinity has to probably pay me consultant fees.

    Signing off for a while.

  11. all, thanks for the comments and discussion here. we certainly recognize that we have a number of technical issues still to solve. we continue to work on these, and we do listen and take the feedback seriously. thanks, jeremy from twinity

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