ANGELS & DEMONS in virtual Berlin – unveiling a conspiracy! Starting today!

The release of Sony Pictures’ Angels & Demons will cause a commotion in 3D Berlin over the mysterious order of the Illuminati. From 22 April to 20 May 2009 new movie scenes and background material will be revealed on a weekly basis to the public at the CineStar Cubix.

Search for and find the secrets of the Illuminati – and win!

There will be a huge raffle in Twinity where you can expect to see mysterious occurrences, strange findings AND cool prizes. In addition to ILLUMINATI bestselling books and Moleskin notepads, there will be a NAVIGON 2100 GPS navigation device as the first prize.

The starting signal, additional info and helpful hints will be given on the opening party today in front of the Berliner Dom.


Date: Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Time: 18:00 Berlin

Location: In front of Berliner Dom in Twinity

You can find detailed info and conditions of the raffle on our exclusive ILLUMINATI site.


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