Due to recent hardware issues, the servers will be kept offline for the time being. During this time, connecting to the website or the client will not be possible. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience!

Please know our teams are working hard to get everything up and running, and we will update you in the next few days with the latest information. Please sit tight! 👍

Update 10/12/ 2021

Twinity servers encountered a fatal raid disk failure which would normally be recoverable. However, the additional raid disks also encountered a partial hardware failure. The current servers Twinity operated on are no longer usable, new servers have been acquired. However, Twinity’s core server code dates back to 2008, although it has been updated along the way, rebuilding on fresh servers and operating systems has led to multiple incompatibilities.

The team continues to work on ways to bring the community back online. No exact date can be given on when that will happen. Thank you for your patience.