3D Fashion Contest

Hello everyone,

As the title says, there is a new contest happening in Twinity. So we thought, there is no way this won’t be fun, right?Theme of the contest is Outfit of the Day  or OOTD – everyone likes a good abbreviation 😉

Other creators are welcome to contribute for special bonus.

shot0724The rules are simple and they go exactly like this:

Send a message/ picture of your daily outfit to Angelstar in Twinity or on TDA’s official page – with message heading- OOTD Contest with the date ( if the picture is for 19th January, you will write your subject as OOTD- 19/01/16)

If you don’t have a place to upload the image, remember you can try www.koinup.com

  • You can only send one picture per day.
  • The entries must be sent before 3pm CET
Winners will be announced by 5pm CET and Prizes are :
  • 10 G
  •  any 1 item (Clothing, Jewellery, Hair, Nails or Tattoos) of their choice from TDA or Star Shop Club.
  • Your picture featured in the main area of TDA

In TDA’s words- Start dressing up and stay fashionable! 😉