Commercial Membership Changes

Dear Twinizens,

as many of you might have noticed, we introduced some changes in the Shop system. We are improving different aspects to prevent bad practices from users and also provide better solutions to our Commercial Members. Since everything is done step by step, there has been a heated debate about some of the last changes, which have been featured in Dee’s blog. Have a look at it and please leave us a comment with your ideas !

Your Twinity team

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  1. i can see why thay all complaning about it ..but each item a commercial member uploads thay only have to sell 1 and thay are in profit…
    the freebie globals should be at a lower rate like 450 globls not the 950 currently set… but come on comercial members stop the moaning it cost a total of 3 globals to upload to shop.. i seen some the prices in game and come on ..wot a few missing freebie globals gonna do??? u in profit from every item u sell… who blames materversum for takeing a cut???? jus my thought:)

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