Ride through London

With virtualnerworkers and their bike ride through the streets of London at night.

Downtime: Monday 12th July, 11:00 CET

Dear Twinizens, We’ll have an update of Twinity coming up today. Expect a downtime of 30 minutes around 11:00 CET. The update will cover certain bugs on user side and enhancements on the server side as well as some usability improvements. Your Twinity Team

Dawn at Victoria Memorial

I continue to be really impressed with the quality of pictures taken inside Twinity. Deeriley’s latest picture on Koinup of dawn at Victoria Memorial in Virtual London is great. Some Twinizens seem to have a real knack for catching great sun angles.

Avatar of the Day: Chu

Chu was in London while we were talking about the Weekly Contests and she checked our Twinity Facebook Page! Since she decided to submit her avatar, she just won 50 globals! Do you also think your avatar is awesome? Follow Chu’s example and post a cool picture on Facebook to get to be Twinity’s Avatar of the Day!

Avatar of the Day: Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio is from Toledo, Spain, but he definitely has a very British style: not many Twinizens can rock a suit the way he does! If you ever want to listen to his radio show, visit his place Jose Antonio’s Radio Studio and enjoy with the best Spanish music in Twinity!

Avatar of the Day: Icat

Icat looks stunning in one of the wedding dresses just released in Twinity! Check the Twinity’s Bridal Shop and if you are up for a virtual wedding, join us in the Twinizens go Wedding event!

Metaversum offers 6 paid internships in Berlin

Metaversum, developer and operator the Virtual World Twinity and also recently mentioned by TechCrunch as one of the bourgeoning innovative startup companies in Berlin, is hiring. We’re looking for talented interns in the following fields: Intern Online Marketing Intern Social Media & Community Manager Intern Graphic Designer Intern Product Marketing Intern Editorial & Content Management Praktikum 3D-Animation You’ll find all …

Avatar of the Day: Jie in London

Jie took a “walk” around Westminster Abbey and submitted her futuristic cowboy style, so she gets the Avatar of the Day prize! We love the Zach, but we love the cowboy hat + DJ Headphones combination even more! Check the new Twinity Contest rules here!

Avatar of the Day: Sunshine

Sunshine was walking around St. Paul’s Cathedral just on time for the sunset looking stunning! If you like her diva sunglasses, you can find them in the Most Wanted SHOP! And if you want to become Twinity’s Avatar of the Day, a Party Queen or King or even own the best apartment in Twinity, check our new Contest section on …