Twinity member satisfaction survey January 2008

Dear Twinity beta members, We always want to give you the best possible service that we can. To that end, we are asking you to take a brief survey to let us know how we are doing. Please click the link below to take the survey. Click Here to take the survey Thanks! Jeremy

Twinity forums online!

You can now access Twinity forums on the Twinity website. Just log in and you’ll see the link for the Forums in the top navigation.

New poll: “Are you happy with the Twinity beta?”

As you’ve seen from our previous postings, we’re trying our hardest to provide you with the best possible beta experience with Twinity that we can. To that end, I wanted to ask a quick question to see how we’re doing. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them here, too. Thanks!

Attending Virtual Worlds 2007 Conference

I’ll be in San Jose, California for the Virtual Worlds 2007 Fall Conference, and I’ll be posting some of my thoughts from various sessions over on the Metaversum blog. If anyone is interested in Twinity and would like to meet with me to discuss it, just drop me a line. My email is jeremy (at) metaversum dot com.

New poll “Do you like to comment on blogs?”

Admittedly, up until now, there hasn’t been a ton of content on this blog. Of course, that’s mostly because we haven’t kicked off the beta with external parties yet. That will change soon. I’m trying to get some sense of what volume of comments to expect on this blog when we do launch the beta. I’d like to start by …