Avatar of the Day: Fatima

Fatima posted a picture on Twinity’s Facebook of her avatar dancing in Glenn’s place A Dream and thanks to her sensual moves she got the Avatar of the Day Prize! Congrats Fatima, you look great!

Avatar of the Day: Jie in London

Jie took a “walk” around Westminster Abbey and submitted her futuristic cowboy style, so she gets the Avatar of the Day prize! We love the Zach, but we love the cowboy hat + DJ Headphones combination even more! Check the new Twinity Contest rules here!

Avatar of the Day: Lora

Lora joined today the R U Creative?!?! Event in Palmadora, saw Anglina’s design and bid until she got it! Well done Lora: you are now the hottest girl in town with that amazing exclusive outfit, coordinated shoes included!

Avatar of the Day: Sunshine

Sunshine was walking around St. Paul’s Cathedral just on time for the sunset looking stunning! If you like her diva sunglasses, you can find them in the Most Wanted SHOP! And if you want to become Twinity’s Avatar of the Day, a Party Queen or King or even own the best apartment in Twinity, check our new Contest section on …

Avatar of the Day: Dreamer

Besides being an amazing decorator, Dreamer knows how to dress! He just finished one of the sample shops now available for commercial members and the result is amazing! If you would like to have a look to the rest of the spaces to start your own business in Twinity, join the Commercial Tour!

Avatar of the Day: Fashion Designers

Today we want to dedicate our post to the first Fashion Designers to present their collection in Twinity! Evolast, Helen and Vampire Queen showcased the clothes that they have been working on during the week. It was the perfect opportunity for other Twinizens to send them offers to have a very exclusive design and we are glad the Designers got …

Avatar of the Day: Evolast

Evolast appeared today in front of the Brandenburg Gate with this amazing outfit and we had to take a picture of it! He showed us the different clothes he has been designing and promised he will jump up in the catwalk in front of everyone with them on in the R U Creative?!?! Event this Friday! Now that he can …

Avatar of the Day: James

Looking around Palmadora we found James in front of the rollercoaster! He went to the opening of the Most Wanted Shop too and he is a fan of Club Echo! There is something about his modern Elvis style… we are loving it!