Probably a lot of you have noticed that some things on aren’t working properly at the moment. We ran into a few unexpected problems when we upgraded Rails. We’ve been working hard on fixing all the issues, and most should be done by end of week.

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  1. Will the lag issues be rectified soon. I have moments of smooth running and then it becomes staggered and jerky. Also, how do I take my sunglasses off!!!
    Cheers, Christina
    Ex Amzel (Therian)

  2. @Ex Amzel, that was unrelated. if you’re still having those issues, please ping our support team at support (at) twinity dot com.
    – jeremy

  3. i have problem, if i right click at a frame,doesn’t has “change picture”.now i can’t change the pic. please help me to settle down this problem…thanks

  4. twinity it not work now??? why ??? and when it works i have windows 7 but but it was work with me!!! but now not work!!! is it because my pc is windws 7 or they are worken on it??? help plz plz!!!

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