zitty Reader’s Lounge Premiere

Are you a fan of live readings and abstract thought? At the monthly zitty Reader’s Lounge, you can hear passages from works by published writers and meet up with a group of fellow intellectuals. Hang out with the sophisticated crowd after the reading and discuss what you’ve heard.

Where: zitty Redaktion
What: zitty Reader’s Lounge
When: Thursday, 09 October
Time: 19:00 CET // 1pm EST // 01:00 Fri. SST

Twinity’s first installment of the zitty Reader’s Lounge presents German journalist, pop culture writer and Marxist, Dietmar Dath.

Settle in and enjoy a recorded reading in German by Dath from his latest novel Die Abschaffung der Arten (The abolition of the species). Dath’s futuristic novel discusses the decline and rebirth of civilization from the point of view of the animals that rule the world. This epic meditation on the theory of evolution will inspire any budding theologists, Darwinists and philosophers alike. Click here for more information.

Even if you don’t understand a word of German, please join us anyway for a bit of fun and to meet up with the international Twinity crowd!