Twinity has officially been rocked!

The ROCKING THE METAVERSE Tour created a real festival-like mood yesterday on their closing concert in Twinity. Live music by artists from other ends of the world, streamed live to the stage in front of Brandenburg Gate – the Twinizens didn’t need to be told twice and gathered on the Pariser Platz, awaiting the anticipated event.

Long before the official starting time, Dizzie Banjo folded to the pressure of the crowd and with his velvet voice and western guitar opened an evening Twinity had never seen before. Grace McDunnough continued playing under the sunset with country and folk-inspired songs. With a clear stage the applause was a warm welcome to Slim Warrior. This lively Brit leaving no time to take a breather, animated the audience to an excessively intense dance groove, intensified by a crispy vocal performance and beats tracks. The perfect prearrangement for Doubledown Tandino – the DJ sensed the energetic atmosphere and got the people moving with a live electronic set that would have given a Berliner night club honor.

We would like to say thank you for a wonderful evening – thanks to Koinup, especially Pier Luigi for the idea; thanks to the artists and to the co-sponsors ReactionGrid, Metaplace and Orange Island; thanks to all those involved at Metaversum and at our fellow friends Force Sunrise; and last but not least, thank you to all the Twinizens who were there and partied till late at night. There definitely is more to come –until then: ROCK ON!


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