Twinity downtime on Monday from 9-10am CET

Dear Twinizens,

We are going to have a downtime to deploy a huge update of Twinity between 9am-10am CET on Monday, March 15th. There are going to be a lot of grand new features to delight you! We’ve also prepared whole new graphics and effects!

We hope you’ll like it!

Comments and suggestions? Just  let us know!

Your Twinity Team

Twinity at night

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  1. Dear Twinity,

    I am sorry to say but as of this recent patch/ update I have been hit with a lag so severe that I can barely move around in the client. Judging from the official forums I see I’m not the only one having these problems– some are finding the client so laggy as to be virtually unplayable.

    What’s going on? 🙁

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