Twinity beta: We’re here to help you

I wanted to introduce you to our support team, the people who will be helping you throughout the Twinity beta.

We have 2 people in customer support right now, Mohammad and Manon. You may see them in Twinity with their personal avatars, ManonRouz√© or MohammadP. But more often, you’ll see them with the Twinity support avatars:

Twinity support avatar

Twinity support avatar – back view

Twinity support avatar – front view

Twinity support avatar waving

Our support team is checking the Twinity lobby regularly and looking for locations with visitors. They have been going around offering help to our Twinity beta members. So, if you see one of these avatars with a Twinity support t-shirt on, that’s them, and they’re there to help you get the most out of Twinity!

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