sered going throuh the gates of time

From sered’s blog:

Today I’m looking back at the Berlin Wall, in Twinity Berlin. Throughout Twinity Berlin, there are gates through which you can step back in time, and enter the Berlin that still has a wall, where stern looking officers stand guard under flags with communist symbols. Now you’re in Berlin 2009, the next moment you’re back in 1989.. The gates are created of appropriately grim concrete, as you can see.

I am very much impressed with what Metaversum has done here. Some of the images are familiar, and being born during the cold war, they still evoke emotions, even though I’m not German. Do yourself a favor, install Twinity and pay a visit to Twinity Berlin, even if it’s only to take a look at the Wall – in a way you’ll never be able to in real life.

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