Hello America! Welcome to Miami, Twinizens!

We finally opened Virtual Miami today. The party and celebrations will last during the whole weekend.

Check our event calendar for a detailled schedule or find the selection here:

Friday, 30 July

12 am (EST)/6 pm (CET): Scarface Costume Party
In homage to the cool action movies made here, dress up as your favorite Mafia character and join the Scarface Costume Party. Earn respect and score with the best costume and you’ll win 100 Globals!

2 pm (EST)/8 pm (CET): A.M. Forte LIVE!
This singer/songwriter A.M. Forte will make you hum and cheer with her brilliant voice, acoustic ballads and steady rock!

6 pm (EST)/0 pm (CET): Robin Duquette Live
Catch Robin performing folk versions of famous songs and own material live. We didn’t know about her talent until this special occasion – now come and see a Twinizen turn into a star on stage!

7 pm (EST)/1:00 am (CET, Saturday): Beach Bash
Kick off the evening activities with a beach bash! It’s a great time to socialize, meet new people or dance ’till you drop!

8 pm (EST)/2:00 am (CET, Saturday): Hot Spots Tour
Visit some of the hottest places in Virtual Miami.

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