ExitReality’s Acquisition of Twinity

As you are aware, ExitReality has recently acquired Twinity. We are equally aware that Twinizens have many questions about this. Here is a summary of the questions we have received so far, and ExitReality’s answers to them.


Q: Where can I find out more about the acquisition?

A: You can read more here 


Q: Who are ExitReality?

A: They are a company that is dedicated to 3D on the web. Read more here


Q: Will Twinity close?

A: No


Q: What are ExitReality’s plans for Twinity?

A: We want to help Twinity grow and become part of a great suite of ExitReality virtual/3D offerings.


Q: Things have been stagnant for several months now, will this change?

A: Yes. As part of ExitReality, Twinity will have access to more resources for things like customer support, server support and server maintenance.


Q: Will anything change about VIP memberships.

A: Changes are likely eventually, but none are planned for the immediate future. Future changes are likely because with any premium offering, we constantly look for ways to make it more attractive for people to purchase. This means that you should not see negative changes when they eventually come.


Q: Will the cities be reactivated, if so when?

A: Unknown


Q: If the cities come back, will city real estate be rentable or only available for purchase?

A: Unknown


Q: Will google city maps be returning

A: Unknown


Q: Will Age Verification be added so we do not have to have an Access Passes for adult content?

A: This is actually separate questions:

  • Age Verification: Unknown
  • Access Passes: These will stay as a separate 1-time purchase option. This must remain a separate option to ensure that no one is exposed to such content unknowingly or unwillingly.


Q: Will Twinity continue to be an adult only world?

A: Yes – younger users are encouraged to try ExitReality’s music virtual world called vSide.  Learn more about it here.


Q: Will someone be continuing to monitor social media?

A: Yes, and you will see a great deal more activity on social media from us.


Q: Will anyone from the Metaversum team become part of the ExitReality team?

A: Various resources are being evaluated to see where they will perform best. Twinity’s lead community manager Carolyn will continue in her current role for ExitReality. Key people that will not be joining the ExitReality team, such as the Metaversum CEO will still assist with transition efforts and knowledge transfer as long as needed.


Q: Will the community team be expanded?

A: Our community manager has fully deployed the new moderator and mentor groups, this should address many issues. Additional staff are already assisting in community management. We will continually review the structure and modify it as needed to ensure quality experiences and responsiveness for our members.


Q: Will there be new servers?

A: Yes, everything will be moved from Metaversum to ExitReality servers.


Q: When things go wrong will we be made aware of what is going on?

A: Yes


Q: Will our website be changed to provide faster access to information about server status or problems?

A: Yes


Q: Does ExitReality have set downtimes for updates / maintenance?

A: Yes, notifications will be made regarding planned downtimes. However through the transition if anything does fall over we will make our best efforts to respond promptly.


Q: Where are the servers moving to?

A: San Francisco, California, USA


Q: Will there be a re-grand opening / launch?

A: Unknown


Q: When will we come out of Beta?

A: Unknown


Q: Will there be a global buyback system to encourage our content creators?

A: Unknown


Q: Will any ExitReality staff meet with us inworld periodically?

A: Unknown


Q: When will we see new client updates?

A: We do not have projected dates yet as this is dependent on how well the server and programming transitions go. We don’t want to give dates at this point and raise expectations that unforeseen migration issues would prevent us from meeting.


Q: Does ExitReality use voice chat? If so, will it return to Twinity?

Q: Will the casino be brought back?

Q: Will other games such as slot machines and card games be added?

Q: Will we be able to right click on a person to automatically submit their specific account ID when reporting them like you can do in vSide?

Q: Will we get the ability to clear all Twinity mail messages with one button click?

A: Specific code updates are not determined yet. This will be reviewed when we are further into the transition process.


Staff members at both Twinity and ExitReality are excited about Twinity’s potential and are really looking forward to seeing the community and the technology continue to grow.


See you in-world!