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In the release notes sent around earlier today, I mentioned that one highlight of yesterday’s release was the Welcome Area. Some have noticed that there isn’t really much new in the Welcome Area, just some new items and content. This is correct and I should have been clearer. The point is that you now enter Twinity by going first to the Welcome Area, and not to the Lobby as before. We’ll have a nice, new, shiny Welcome Area in the next little bit.

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  1. Two things what I noticed. First, that rather hard to read the signs/boards in the welcome room when the lights from outside are not good. Second, maybe that is just me, but after I left the welcome area and wanted to go to my place I got Windows error message that can’t read some kind of virtual drive. Tried that two times, happened both and crashed in the first case. After I logged back from the crash I got back to the welcome area. Will I always get there or can I change to not to be appear there? Can be annoying when a crowd is standing in that room everytime when just logging in. So what I mean I hope it will be like in Second Life so you can change where to log and can skip the Welcome room.

  2. @ Nimrod,

    Thanks for the feedback. We’ve taken the lighting and the location (always going to the welcome area) and added those to our suggestion list.

    thanks again!

  3. Hi Nimrod!

    Thank you for your post!
    Can you tell me what kind of error message you got when you wanted to go to your own place?
    We are of aware of the bug “Dropped from server” and the technical team is working on it.
    Maybe you should send me the following data at

    1. The error log file which you will find in:
    C:/Documents and settingsApplication DataMetaversumTwinity

    2. The python log file which you will find in:
    C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataMetaversumTwinity Logspython.log

    3. We need the version file, which can be found in:
    C:Program FilesMetaversumTwinityresantaresversion

    Thanks again for your interest in Twinity!


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