Machinima at Virtual Club Luminosity

One of the latest submissions to Globe Menu, Meet People category! ¬†Club Luminosity and the name doesn’t do it justice.

While reviewing this virtual nightclub with a preview for the music to be played there no later than FridayNight¬†online we thought, what better way to party in the weekend and what better place to let out the party animal in you in 3D! ūüėČ We requested a quick preview of this place¬†and with the help and assistance from one of our Twinizens, here it is!

Check the Machinima for this place here

You can check out this place for yourself here at the event on Saturday June 17 12 AM CET 




LOST-IN-3D – Gallery

After a Sunday spent at Sweetpea’s Spa we thought it’s time for a different destination for this Sunday Clemenes’ simply awesome Gallery, just as the title says LOST -IN-3D – Gallery.

If you’re not visiting this right now in-game, go ahead and bookmark it, because this is one you do not want to miss, we promise! ūüôā

It is a particularly special Gallery in 3D because it contains a bit of Clemens at the time when he created it. It has his photography and his 3D Pictures. It is probably the reason why his virtual gallery has such a personal and close feeling to it, you feel it as soon as you step in.

You could spend hours here going on many virtual or imaginary trips allowing yourself to get lost in the pictures that decorate the walls of this place, virtual windows towards more virtual worlds and experiences.

Make your next virtual sightseeing trip a cultural one and one about… feeling, make it count by visiting Clemens’ gallery here!¬†You can make it count and make a difference, sign the Guestbook and leave a message.

If you aren’t part of our community yet, join us here, it’s free and don’t forget to give us a Like in Facebook here!

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Happy Sightseeing!




World Environment Day and Mirror World Twinity

Virtual world or in our case *mirror virtual world* or real world, 5th of June is World Environment Day. While every day could be and should be an Earth Day. Environment day more than any other is when we go out and depending where you live do something positive for our environment.

Virtual WED Snapshot Calle’s Island Beach

It’s a flagship day to raise awareness on this and that’s what we’re trying to help out with as well. ¬†Because we believe that no gesture is small enough to raise¬†awareness about nature and the importance of protecting it so anything that has us all embracing the outdoors is a small step towards helping.

WED 3DImage Calle’s Island Beach

Getting active on this day could mean anything from organizing a litter picking outing, hiking in your local park, planting trees or even snapping some beautiful shots of the great outdoors to share online.

As this year’s it’s all about ‘Connecting People to Nature ‚Äď in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator’ . Going¬†outdoors and appreciating the beauty of the planet and the world around¬†us is the main focus today.

Until next time virtual traveler,

Don’t just “think green” act green!


Walk in. Float Out.

Intrigued by the title? Read on.

A health Spa is all about unwinding both your body and mind. If you have ever been to a spa you know how good you feel with yourself and in your skin. After all you took the time to relax and unwind, you gave yourself a moment to breath and we all need and could use a bit of that every day… I mean all! ūüėČ

Whatever your approach to workouts and taking care of your body like you can see in the image below ūüėČ ¬†Sweetpea’s Health Spa + Gym is the perfect place to relax, have a chat and a good workout or soak. Let’s be real in a virtual world here… this #virtualSpa is more for your mind than your body! Weight lifting here will do just about as much as lifting pom-poms :D.

If you are after socializing and relaxing, having a laugh with your online friends this place is perfect!! You can even make part of your virtual life real and integrate your in RL with your virtual if set up real-life health goals and together with your online friends support and encourage each other to achieve them! Might not be a new idea but it is definitely a good one- a virtual world fitness group in Twinity. 

With a beautiful interior design this #3Dlocation makes for a wonderful¬†place to hang out and¬†relax and the guestbook messages left for the owner are perfect testimony of that. There is no way you won’t fall in love with this place! Try it!

If you aren’t a Twinizen yet, get your free account and visit this awesome place, it’s free!


Until next time virtual traveler,

Dare to be great!