Buy A King Of The World Upgrade & Get A King Size Upgrade For Free!

More space for your creative talent, your relaxing desires and partying needs! 😉


  • Both properties must have been purchased from here in the last two weeks maximum
  • The Globals for it’s upgrade must have been purchased from within a 24 hr time frame from your request to upgrade.
  • Both properties have to be a level zero upgrade (no upgrade)

*Offer starts August 11, 2018 – Ends August 17, 2018


Avatar of the week

Dress-up. Pose.Snapshot.Post.Win!

Alright, that’s the sum-up of this challenge, here are the details! 😉

Put together the coolest or your favorite Twinity outfit, take a snapshot, then post it on Twinity’s Facebook Page here with the comment #AvataroftheWeek and a link to your Twinity profile so we know who you are annnnd…that’s it! 😀

3DSnapshot: Milena

*Challenge starts Friday August 10, 2018 – Ends Thursday, August 16, 2018.

*You can only post one outfit but you can post more pictures(no more than 5) to help us see the outfit better.

*Both male and female avatars are accepted

*Winner will be made public on Friday, August 17, 2018.

*Winner will receive badge Avatar of the Week for their Twinity account.



3D Photographer Challenge

This weekend the photographer job pays double Promo Globals and the best image pays real Globals!

The perfect time to do what you love, spend time in Twinity with your friends, party, shop and make memories. Capture your special and unique moments #inVW! and be paid for it too!

So get your cams ready and watch out for the funniest, strangest, coolest, most beautiful Twinity moments and SNAP IT! Post your picture on Twinity’s Facebook page here  and get your friends to react to it – The more positive reactions, the better!

3D Image: Eo

  • The challenge starts Friday July 28th, 2018 at 23:55 CET & ends Monday August 6, 2018.
  • Prizes will be awarded Tuesday, August 7th, 2018.
  • You can submit more than one image during the challenge but no more than one/ day. And only one image can win.

The winner will be chosen 50% from the votes the image has and the other 50% Twinity staff. Prizes will be allocated Monday CET.

If the photographer job isn’t your cup of tea though, check out the other Virtual Jobs Twinity has and take your pick. Click here for a full list and description of the #VirtualJobs available

Truly, madly, imaginatively… Valentine’s Day!

CREATORS: PRO OR ANTI- VALENTINE’S DAY ??? And most importantly are you up for a challenge?? Check this out!

*Simple Rules

  • Create as you usually do – Both Pro & Con Valentine’s Day submissions are accepted
  • Send us a list of the items (items exact titles) you want to submit for Valentine’s Day at so we can upload them to the 2D Shop
  • Send us property name/ url if you also upload to your own Shop as well.

*Depending on the items, we might offer you the option to upload your items in a 3DShop in-world, a #virtualShop especially designed for this occasion.


Even if you’re Anti-Valentine’s  Day, remember LOVE comes in many shapes, whether it’s romantic, friendship, family… it’s still LOVE so let your imagination go wild.

There will only one winner for each category:

  • 1 winner for the clothing section – this includes accessories as well
  • 1 winner for tattoos
  • 1 winner for animation/ poses

*You can submit for all but can only win one.
*Send your e-mails to with the subject “We’re all halves”

*Starts today January 28th, 2018 and ends of February 14, 2018 at 23.59 CET

Your Valentine’s Day #3DItems will be added to the 2D shop for everyone to see and buy
Your Shop will be added to the Globe – Go Shopping (conditions apply and will be e-mailed to you when you win).

Our surprise prizes are always different so you’ll want to check this out! 😉

Twinity’s most creative

We did a few posts a while back on the winner’s style and clothing in collaboration with a Twinizen and we had so much fun and totally loved it then that we decided to follow the same recipe for success this time as well.

Enough drum-roll, the winner is Vampire Queen

The #machinima  below is just a little taste of what the new #3DShop has to offer- check it out!!!

Machinima captures in GMVQueen B.Y.S and Dungeon of Goths #3DVirtualShops

Some of these items are now in the 2D Shop accessible from in-game ! We had great fun trying on the clothes in 3D and now it’s time to allow everyone else to go and check the shop and do some #VW Shopping of their own 😉 Check out Vampire Queen’s new shop you’ll love it!!!  GMVQueen B.Y.S