Shop This Look!

Or rather shop this pose! #MysteryShopping at the new  Go Shopping Globe addition.

If you’re a creator and you have a #3DShop you can contact support and submit your shop for the Globe and Business Directory.

Calle’s #3DShop called Pose recently added to Globe menu has a variety of couples and individual poses for you to choose from and enjoy with your special someone or with your #onlinefriends.

From poses you can place anywhere when you decorate your own home in virtual to furniture items that include pre-set poses for general audience . If you’re a Twinizen you know that we just love to mix shopping with parties so make sure you watch out for #onlineevents held here. 

Remember to sign the guestbook and rate the places your visit! Be a mystery shopper yourself and let us know what you loved or what you’d change in this place?

Take advantage of another “add to cart kind of day” in Twinity now! 😉  Join us for free here and you’ll see exactly what I mean!


Until next time virtual traveler,

Happy shopping!




Virtual Wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue !  

After our other posts about love in #VirtualWorlds , we thought it’s about time to talk a bit about getting married in a virtual world.

If you can fall in love in a virtual world and have a relationship that can last for years, marriage is the next step, be it in virtual or if you meet in real and get married, as quite a few Twinizens already have.

No matter how far you are from each other a #virtualwedding ceremony can bring a wedding date closer. Making planning less difficult, bringing friends and family from all over the world together to witness the happy event.

Actually it was Tricia’s and King Geno’s wedding and request to have their event performed in St. Paul’s Cathedral, that inspired the post.  Without further ado we extend Tricia and Geno’s invitation to virtual St. Paul’s Cathedral in Twinity.

#DressUp as your most beautiful and join this happy occasion! More info here and updates before and after the wedding will be posted on Twinity’s Facebook and Twitter.




3DWorld Club Cosmo

Rumored to have the best #VWCosmopolitan in the city, this week’s clubbing destination is Club Cosmo located in #virtualSingapore

With an awesome terrace space, to enjoy the open view of the city, a beautiful atmosphere for your favorite music, Sean’s Club Cosmo is a great choice for any #3Devents, #onlineparties or get-together in virtual world, be it #fridaynight or monday! 😉

The interior decoration and design of this virtual location has a classical and elegant air to it with a kick! You’ll what that means when you visit the #vwClub . Perfect place to hang out with your friends and even better, make new friends! Find your crowd here and dance like nobody’s watching! 😉


Nachtwerk Virtual-World Nightclub

Created and owned by Flo, this place… does not have a bad seat in the house if you’re here for the “show”! But then again, who wants to sit when out at a nightclub, be it in RL or virtual, especially in virtual worlds clubbing.

Virtual World Nightclub Nachtwerk

Get your looks right and get in-theme! According to Flo, #3Ddresscode black!  With spots for go-go dancers it has excellent music, paying tribute to EBM, Industrial, Dark Electro and Gothic-Club  for your auditory satisfaction.

Nachtwerk Gothic Club

It has two rooms so you can pick and choose your preferences but no matter which one you choose, remember this is a #3Dvirtualclub for adults only, so you will want an Access Pass to verify your age.

Visit Nachtwerk in Twinity here and remember… it’s less about boundaries and more about fun!


Virtual World EasterHunt

This Easter… Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate!!  And so we did, we follow the Easter Bunny all the way to the zoo! Chris & Christien’s Zoo that is.

Catching it was no easy job. Running around, up and down while getting distracted by a dancing wolf here, a rawr-ing tiger there, a monkey pulling a lion’s ears…  Now you’d think a Zoo is probably not the first place you would consider spending your Easter at but when others go #egghunting and you just want the bunny with the #eastercandy, you will follow the trail of chocolate !

Eventually we caught the #easterbunny and got the chocolate, learned some dance new moves too… erm maybe it takes a bit of practice though 😉 Still, how can one focus on the task at hand with so many awesome distractions, I mean not that we’re easily distr.. oh look Flamingoes !

We had an awesome time here and on Easter on not, we encourage you to visit this place, don’t forget to rate and sign the guestbook. But before we go we have to also mention that while we had the adventure, the artwork was prepared by a Twinizen. Many thanks!

Drop us a quick comment on Twinity’s Facebook and tell us how you are spending your #eastersunday ?

And if you’re not a Twinizen yes , become one now! Get your free account here! 

But whatever you decide to do this Easter day, have a happy one!! 🙂