Everything you want for VW Christmas

We have it!

If you’re a Twinizen, you know, there are daily events you can take part in and spend the time with friends, dancing, socializing in 3D. There is pretty much an event for every taste and mood and..style and… well see for yourself here.

Since it’s the winter holiday season, one of the events that we just had to mention is 2016 Annual Twinity Christmas Party.¬†If you like the sound of that? Read on! ūüėČ


The party is a whole day event on December 16 starting at 12:00pm ET and is held by Sandi Catt here.

Don’t miss the¬†VW Christmas Trivia and 3DScavenger Hunt or the snowball fights!! Exciting right?

But if you’re not into all that you can just join the party to Dance to Live DJ music and if you’re up for it, IceSkating why not..or dancing while skating..for the most experienced ones of course! ūüėČ

And if you still want more!! Check out one of the many other events constantly happening in Twinity here!



Santa stops here and so should you!

Come get ready for Christmas! ūüėČ

Since the Christmas holiday is here, we decided that the perfect stop for our winter VW sightseeing today is most definitely Christmas Island. x-mas_island_stage_1200x628

This place is it! Best place to allow yourself to be surrounded by the holiday spirit, have a little chat with Santa and maybe Rudolf..if you get it to speak “human” ūüėČ all in tropical Paradise environment!



If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, this is also the perfect virtual world location to start. From 3DChristmas trees to gift-boxes and decorations. And don’ forget to visit the Christmas cave… don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!


Unheard of, right? A VR tropical island at the North Pole, the virtual north pole of course! Well seeing s believing so hop online and check this place out!

And if you’re not a Twinizen..well it’s time you become one! Get your free account¬†HERE¬†and get ready for a new and better life, right here, right now!

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See you in 3D vw travelers! ūüôā

Black Friday Sales on Virtual Homes

Hello everyone!

I figured you¬†don’t want to miss these limited time sale offers for Virtual World Homes! ¬†40% off just this Friday! Sales starting on November 25th 12 AM UTC +1!

Perfect time to start creating your own virtual life!

You want a virtual home and you want a new beginning. Well you can begin right here right now with the Black Friday sale on select virtual world homes and up to as much as 40% discounts!


A vision for your life!balcony

If a view to an island isn’t enough, how about you own your own island in vr?

eLost Island


A perfect and unique design to relax in or start your own 3Dbusiness online!

Tankstelle Island


Or if you are looking for a perfect place for “single but available” ūüėČ have a look at Sunshine street!

Sunshine Street -A vision of a better life!40_off_property_img_2

These are just a few of the virtual homes waiting to be discovered , have a look here !

Don’t miss out, hurry to catch the Virtual Homes Discount Sales now!

Live Who You Are – Virtual World Properties

Thinking in moving to paradise? Well now is your chance!

Visit Costa Rica Luxury home in 3D . A property highlighted with river frontage, fully furnished with attention to every detail and still enough room for you to make it your own virtual world home!


Large usable areas with beautiful mountain views directly from your lounge-room window or from the pool in front of the house.

The perfect location for a new life and new beginnings, be it virtual or in real… ¬†new experiences are always welcome for all of us. And what better way to start and test but at the same time live life…


Which of us hasn’t thought of a new life… a new life with everything we ever wanted or dreamed of.. well now you can! And it’s that simple… there are no limits to what you can have or do in virtual worlds…so try it!


Perfect for living… Perfect for a private life whether you are part of a couple or a virtual family and if you’re into that sort of thing a perfect location for an eco-lodge located in a most beautiful place.


Initially built for and by a couple, as a family home the location not only offers space for parties around the pool but also has it’s own 3DTiki party location with plenty of space to dance in one of the many online parties and events or even official ceremonies, how beautiful would this place look decorated for a VW wedding.

You can visit the property and even buy it here¬†¬†or just go have a look, do some VR Sightseeing, it’s free!

If you’re not a Twinizen, create your own free virtual world account¬†¬†HERE¬†and start living!

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Halloween Costume Contest winners

Trick- or -Treat!

The best¬†part of any competition, giving out the prizes!! Or in some of our competitor’s case, receiving them! ūüėĬ†So without further ado, let’s see¬†who are our cute little spooks!¬†In order of contest costume submission…drum-roll please……!!!

5000 Globals go to… Eo!


Her outfit items are: Shoes: Björn Twinity , Top & skirt : GMVQueen Tights: UNYC  , Wings & Candy Pumpkin: Twinity 2DShop ,Hair: Boot Camp , 3Dphoto taken at Dark Forest http://www.twinity.com/en/places/50236

Next cute little spook is Angelstar!


Face and Makeup- Google image search ,Halloween top, Hairstyle, Skirt with stockings, Witch hat, lipstick, Pumpkin candy bag, Witch broom and wings – by Angelstar , Necklace and bracelets- Shop center by Ray,¬†Cat- DK shopping by Derry and Kel, Black lashes- GMVQ by Vampire queen, Pearl lashes- Mush Mush by Flo, Witch nose and teeth- Invader by Zeth,¬†Earrings and ring- East Secret Stores by Ahmed,¬†Ring- 2D shop,¬†Arm band – Cts by Charles,¬†Boots – By Calles . Her¬†picture was taken at¬†Dark Forest By Bjorn M –http://www.twinity.com/en/places/50236

AHH this is so exciting!! ūüėÄ Next winner is¬†Amazona!


Amazona’s #halloween2016 costume was designed by Bjorn M ‘s “mummy costume” Blood from the 2D Shop and a great spooky #3DPhoto taken at “The Evil Dead” http://ht.ly/mV7V305Ewcb

Prizes for the competition are being allocated as we speak to the winners but also with a surprise for all our little spooks that took part in the costume competition!

Looking for a party to join? Check out one of the many Halloween parties happening here¬†in Twinity right now! Or hold your own creepy, spooky… the scariest Halloween party tonight! ūüėČ

Have a spooktacular night!!

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat Costume Contest

Trick or Treat!
What are you wearing this Halloween? Put together the coolest, most creative costume for your avatar and save it.

Contest Guidelines:
-Theme is “Halloween’16 Costume”
-List all products included in your outfit and where you got them from or who created them
-Outfits must be GA-rated (so no Access Pass/ Adult)
-Post your entry with an image of your outfit (not exceeding 640×480)¬†on Twinity’s Facebook page in a reply here
-You may enter up to 2 outfits – one male, one female
-The pictures of your avatar wearing the outfit, upload them to your profile’s gallery

Contest timeline:
Contest is open starting today through October 30th.
Winners will be announced on October 31st.

We will choose 3 winners and award them 5000 Globals each.

We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!
Have fun! ūüôā

*Many thanks Amazona for the beautiful #3Dartwork! ūüôā

High-End Virtual Real-Estate


It has not been long since we started¬†making virtual properties posts and already some of you have found a VW home and have already moved in, all nice and cosy! To mention just the latest purchase from the 3DRealEstate Hold account, ¬†Irina has found her “House of Dreams” and her virtual life just got better. Congrats on your new home Irina! ūüôā


Now just a quick reminder for one of the properties we featured and absolutely loved! Your “home.. online from home” an Elegant house with an indoor pool¬†with all the perks and room for more ūüėČ !


You can see the full blog post and more images for this property here¬†. Have a look, you’ll simply love it!

You can create your own dream virtual world! Treat yourself to a whole new 3Dlife in style!