Virtual World EasterHunt

This Easter… Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate!!  And so we did, we follow the Easter Bunny all the way to the zoo! Chris & Christien’s Zoo that is.

Catching it was no easy job. Running around, up and down while getting distracted by a dancing wolf here, a rawr-ing tiger there, a monkey pulling a lion’s ears…  Now you’d think a Zoo is probably not the first place you would consider spending your Easter at but when others go #egghunting and you just want the bunny with the #eastercandy, you will follow the trail of chocolate !

Eventually we caught the #easterbunny and got the chocolate, learned some dance new moves too… erm maybe it takes a bit of practice though 😉 Still, how can one focus on the task at hand with so many awesome distractions, I mean not that we’re easily distr.. oh look Flamingoes !

We had an awesome time here and on Easter on not, we encourage you to visit this place, don’t forget to rate and sign the guestbook. But before we go we have to also mention that while we had the adventure, the artwork was prepared by a Twinizen. Many thanks!

Drop us a quick comment on Twinity’s Facebook and tell us how you are spending your #eastersunday ?

And if you’re not a Twinizen yes , become one now! Get your free account here! 

But whatever you decide to do this Easter day, have a happy one!! 🙂


More ways to be you in virtual worlds

All you #shopoholics and #fashionaddicts out there, this is for you! 😉

As a new addition to the Globe Menu TNT Shop Center owned by Tony is a must stop if you want to follow up on the latest #virtualworldfashion and VW style.

#styleoftheday #vwstyle #whatiamwearing

TnT Shop for every style

This place has awesome clothes and outfits for every boy and girl no matter the taste or mood or occasion. Show off your style by taking a picture with a dress or an outfit bought in the TnT Shop Center and post it to Twinity’s Facebook page here !

Shop Center

If you’ve got style.. give us a few tips, show us which of Tony’s #clothingitems look good together. After all, everyone needs #fashininspiration every once in a while.  Show us what you like!


Until next time virtual world traveler,

Happy shopping!



Cute Couple Contest Winners

“You should be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how.” –Gone with the Wind

All the images submitted for the Cute couple photo contest somehow go so well with that quote.

And without further ado, the most voted images.

Angelstar and Mr. King Riddle. Been best friends for : 2 years 8 months and have been together : Recently…

“I love you more than…
a hot summer’s day with our toes in the sand.”



Elz and Joy Raven. Together since June 28, 2016, married since September 01, 2016. Congrats you two! 🙂


Joy Raven with Elz I love you more than the distance between us


Joan and Matei have been together since 2014.  In Joan’s words “I love you more than words can say.
I won’t leave you. I will be right here in twinity for you again and again because we are something that I want to last forever.”


Nat and Witthelad. Nat’s ‘quote’ is “I love you more than all”


And at least for this post, last but not least 🙂 ‎T.J. Dondanville‎ and his lovely new bride!


I have to say, this is one of my favorite competitions and my dear Twinizens you have done a wonderful work..and we want to thank you for sharing your beautiful images with us and Valentine’s Day moments and allowing us to be a part of your VW and in RL love stories. We hope, with this we managed to help you all say “I love you” in a slightly different way than you normally would.

And because love should be celebrated every day, even while it is the 15th and Valentine’s Day has now passed, it doesn’t mean it ended 🙂 so to all the VW couples and in RL couples, have a beautiful lovers day, everyday!



Cute Couple Photo Contest

Call your friends! It’s time for Valentine’s Day prizes in Twinity and they can help!

  • One to three ..or more 😉 months of VIP for the both of you (couple)
  • AP items (only if you already have an Access Pass)
  • Or your own apartment to start a whole new virtual life (for the person submitting) or one of the many other surprise prizes

You’re in love? You love your girlfriend or boyfriend, your BF, your mom or your pet.. more than cupcakes and gummy-bears and…and.. you want to shout it out off the top of the world!!
Here is a quicker.. cuter way of showing off your Valentine and tell the world just how much they mean to you!

Amazona heartshaped glasses
Cute Couple Photo Contest!

Steps to enter:

  • Take a nice photo of you and your Valentine, hugging, holding hands, going for a walk..a drive.. in Twinity (Twinity avatars and scene) and post it on Twinity’s Facebook page with the title “I love you more than( write here what you love them more than)
  • Couple’s Individual Twinity names (profile URL is probably best so we know who to give the prize to!)
  • How long have you dated, been together, married? (Please specify: dating, married, etc.)
  • Submit your image by February 15th 2017

Things to consider: 

The overall look, appearance, creativity, and that special “IT” factor. 😉

Here is the kicker! Your friends get to decide if you win!  Get your friends to vote or like your image, the more votes you get the more you increase your chances to win. It’s all up to you..and your friends of course! 😉


How to Host Your Own Party

We made a few posts now about your events featured with and by Twinity, news in unattended events not being allowed anymore and just thought, it’s time we made a quick Help post for how to post your own event in-virtual 🙂

So here it is!

If you want to host your own party? All you have to do is put your event in the event calendar (so simple right?)

  • Click on “Community” in the top bar. To add your own event, click on the green “New” button above the list of events.
  • Add a nice picture, choose a date and a place. Then click “Save”.

Twinity Party Time

I know, posting those events is too easy, but that’s because we want to save you energy on choosing an outfit and most of all have fun!!!

Remember, hosting an event is one of the best ways to meet new people in virtual, make new friends and who knows, if you’re looking for more that too for sure!

So..? what are you waiting for? Get online right this second and host an event now.. guaranteed, if you host it..”they will come” 😉