Avatar of the Day: Jie

Jie looks great in her all-pink outfit! She chose a beautiful dress and fitting complements… and, of course, the pink Scooter is the key!! But what we enjoy the most is that she is dancing on top of it 😀

Avatar of the Day: Wingsong

Tiles suggested Wingsong as Avatar of the Day, we assume it is because of her amazing outfit, sexy attitude and wonderful dance moves!

Avatar of the Day: Sandra

Sandra appears both elegant and casual in her jeans, blouse and jacket… The shoes are great and the sunglasses give her a mysterious look that keeps us wondering!

Avatar of the Day: Nia

Nia took a walk around Palmadora with this awesome wild zebra dress and we have to say: you look FEROSH, Nia! 😉

Avatar of the Day: Björn

Is it an angel? Is it a cowboy? No, it’s Björn! He appeared in New Funpark (Sandbox) in this sexy/weird outfit, and we can’t do anything but love him!

Avatar of the Day: Neynaz

Neynaz looking and dancing sexy in Twinity! The black dress really suits her, and the complements are amazing, specially the gloves!

Avatar of the Day: Maria

Maria dressed all Italian to show her support for her national team in the upcoming Football World Cup! Nothing is missing: she has the shirt, the skirt… she even has a flag!

Avatar of the Day: Lacey Drew

Lacey Drew showed up in Google Fight dressed in this lovely creation by twinizen Tiles. We love the colour, we love the flowers and we simply adore her naturalness!

Avatar of the Day: Clare

Hardstyle Night Hour party at Zalinaz was spectacular, not only for the music but also for the great style! Clare looked elegant and sexy while dancing with the hardest sound in Twinity! Thanks Tauri for an awesome party!

Avatar of the Day: Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio is from Toledo, Spain, but he definitely has a very British style: not many Twinizens can rock a suit the way he does! If you ever want to listen to his radio show, visit his place Jose Antonio’s Radio Studio and enjoy with the best Spanish music in Twinity!